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Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier

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Lake Lanier Real Estate

Lake lanier real estate by Suzanne Willis properties offers the best property. Commanding an impressive expanse of 38,000 acres (150K square kms) or 59 square miles, Lake Lanier is the center of attraction in the US State of Georgia. Officially named as the Lake Sidney Lanier it is in fact a reservoir, which is manmade. Lake Lanier was made possible by moving about 700 families who lived in the areas that are under water now after their lands were bought over by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Once the area was cleared of human habitation the Buford Dam was constructed and completed on the Chattahoochee River in 1956.

The swelling waters due to the Buford Dam created what is now named Lake Sidney Lanier after the famous American poet, musician and author. Lake Lanier was built and is now operated by the USACE. They regulate the water flow by managing flood control and water supplies downstream. The waters of Lake Lanier are claimed by the US States of Georgia, Alabama and Florida.

Lake Lanier boasts 692 miles (1,114 kms) of shoreline when it is at normal spill levels and is at a height of 326 meters (1,071 feet) above mean sea level. This picturesque setting for a body of water is what makes Lake Lanier a spectacular sight from wherever you would be blessed to observe it. It is this inherent beauty that draws more than 7.5 million visitors to it and its vicinity. This includes boaters, jetskiers, houseboats, and many others especially during the summer months when every prime location is chock a block with holiday makers.

There are marinas, Lake Lanier islands water park and many other activities to keep the outdoorsmen and women active and exciting. Lake Lanier and its environs are patrolled by the local law enforcement authorities and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GDNR) to ensure everything is always within the laws governing the area.

The Lake Lanier shoreline is also home to about 90 Corps, State, County and City Parks of which 23 permit safe swimming making the area one big holiday resort when the climatic conditions are conducive. All of these recreational areas are accessible by road whilst some would need to be traveled to on water. Every amenity required for outdoor activities could be found either within the recreational areas or without. Lake Lanier is not only spectacular in sight it is incredible as a site for fun, games and excitement too.

Lake Lanier Real Estate-Making your home around the Lake.

You need to see what you are missing in life if you would care to make the trip to the vicinity of Lake Lanier. There are many beautiful homes overlooking Lake Lanier which words would never be able to describe. It is imperative that you behold every spectacular site with your own eyes if you even have a wild dream of making a home in any of the areas available today. The lands in these areas allocated for private homes are limited hence it could be a chance in a lifetime to own a beautiful home on Lake Lanier.

Suzanne Willis properties

There is a recent clamor for lands to build homes in the areas above Lake Lanier and the authorities are releasing such lands very gradually. It is imperative that these lands do not have any adverse impact on the environment including the abundant wildlife that calls these areas their homes too. The honeymoon of owning your place in Paradise would not last for long as there are environmental impacts when roads to the homes and other amenities are supplied. Hence buying a beautiful home on Lake Lanier could slip away from your spectrum if you procrastinate on the decision. All good things do come to an end, and in the case of owning a home overlooking Lake Lanier it could become a dream no more if the relevant authorities do put an end to any further real estate development.

There are just few places in the United States which could match the picturesque setting, the salubrious environment, the scenic spectacle and the abundance of recreational facilities at your doorstep. Lake Lanier Real Estate is something that you should not miss. It is an opportunity in a lifetime and a chance in a billion.

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