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Dahlonega, Lumpkin County, Ga: WELCOME TO DAHLONEGA!

Dahlonega, Lumpkin County, Ga: WELCOME TO DAHLONEGA!

Dahlonega real estate

Dahlonega real estate by Suzanne Willis properties find a beutiful place to live in. Dahlonega is located an hour north from downtown Atlanta and sits at the bottom of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Lumpkin County.  The media has been writing about this city for a long time and calling it a great place to live due to the cost of living is lower in comparison to other American cities and the scenery provided by nature gives you a picturesque place to relax.

Dahlonega is the county seat of Lumpkin County and is home to the first major gold rush in the United States in 1828. The town comprised of Creek and Cherokee descendants. In 1833, the town was named Talonega by the Georgia General Assembly. Later, in 1837, the name was changed by the Georgia General Assembly to Dahlonega from the Cherokee-language word Dalonige which means Yellow or Gold. More recently the area has been noted “the heart of the North Georgia Wine Country” for its wine production including several vineyards and licensed wineries. Together they attract many tourists.

What’s great about Dahlonega, Georgia

Besides what has already been mentioned, many gather in Dahlonega for the continuous education opportunities. Aside from the Lumpkin County School District which covers pre-school to grade twelve there is University of North Georgia. UNG is the second oldest public university in the state of Georgia and is home to one of the six military colleges in the United States.

In Downtown Dahlonega there are many historic centres that have won awards for their excellence. You don’t have to go far to get everything you need as there is a multitude of retail stores, lodging and restaurants.

There is much to do in Dahlonega from museums, children camps, gold mining, zip-lining and rock climbing, Appalachian trail, waterfalls and festivals. Festivals are known around Dahlonega for bringing old traditions and history to life.  One of the highlights is the October’s Gold Rush Festival which is known to bring in thousands of tourists.

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