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Cleveland, Georgia

Cleveland, Georgia

Cleveland Ga Real Estate

Cleveland Ga real estate by Suzanne Willis properties offers a place to live in. Cleveland, also known as The City of Mountain Breezes, is the county seat of White County and was founded in 1857. It was originally called Mount Yonah during the time when it was still a part of Habersham County and it was not formally changed to Cleveland until 1870 when state representative William Shelton proposed the name Cleveland after his good friend General Benjamin Cleveland, a prominent citizen of Habersham County. For many years, Cleveland was the only chartered town in White County.

Amongst the history of Cleveland is the growing population. Growing in multiple directions, Cleveland can be found roughly 90 miles northeast of Atlanta and 128 miles southeast of Chattanooga, TN. Census has shown Cleveland steadily growing since early 2000s and quickly becoming a popular place to reside for all ages.

The history of Cleveland is represented by the Cleveland Square which boosts several buildings dating back to the early 1900s. Sitting in the middle of the town and is considered the main focal point of Cleveland is the Old White County Courthouse which is now home to the White County Historical Society. The history provides many attractions for all ages including the Historic Courthouse Museum, Cleveland Historic Cemetery of 1866, Telford-Kenimer Historic Home, First Gold Discovery site, Sautee-Nachoochee Indian Mound and The Hardman Farm.

North Georgia Zoo and Petting Farm and Babyland General Hospital which is the birthplace of the Cabbage Patch Kids are also popular tourist spots for Cleveland.

Another highlight of Cleveland is the school district, White County School District, which holds pre-school to grade twelve as well as their private Christian liberal arts college Truett McConnell University.

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If nature and tranquillity is what you aim for then Cleveland can provide numerous hiking trails and waterfalls.

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