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Make real estate investments close by.

Buy property within two hours away by your favorite mode of transportation. Venture further only when you really know another real estate market and regularly find yourself there for other reasons or you’ve found an excellent property manager.

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We prefer the adage of “Location, location, value.

It clearly emphasizes location but also the importance of finding good value for your investment dollar. Owning real estate in up and coming areas with new development or renovated properties enhances finding and keeping good tenants and leads to greater returns. Properties in great locations with extensive deferred maintenance, especially aesthetic issues that can be inexpensively addressed are another great opportunity.

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For low entry costs, consider real estate investment trusts (REITs) and lease options.


You can buy these exchange–traded securities (which can also be bought through REIT focused mutual funds) for a thousand dollars or less. With lease options, you begin by renting a property you may be interested in purchasing later, and a portion of your monthly rent goes towards the future purchase. If you can find a seller willing to provide financing, you can keep your down payment to a minimum.

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